Rachel’s Ravings (Part 2) – Concerts

Rachel Middleton, editor-in-chief and Rachel Middleton, editor-in-chief

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Concerts. They’re crowded, noisy, full of obnoxious people, smelly and exhausting. The pounding, thumping music is played at such a volume that it can be painful. Nowhere else can you find such an eclectic group of people than at a concert. Parking is a nightmare so you usually have to deal with the craziness of MARTA. Getting a good seat is nearly impossible, and you often have to stand throughout the show. You usually have to pay a lot of money to hear the exact same songs you could download from iTunes for $1 or watch on YouTube for free.

Yet for some reason, concerts are considered a rite of passage for teens and some of the most popular activities for students, even on weeknights. On my Facebook newsfeed, I lost count of the number of people going to concerts in the past month. The statuses, pictures, wall posts and overall hype about the recent concerts was overwhelming. If you were paying any attention at all to popular conversation, you would have been well aware that dozens of GAC students attended concerts such as Paramore and especially John Mayer. During the days surrounding the concert, students used their Macs to blast his music during my economics class.

What is it that makes concerts so appealing? The only concert I’ve ever been to in my life was the Backstreet Boys (which, by the way, is way better than NSync). The only reason I went was because my childhood best friend’s uncle was a radio DJ and we got tickets for free. It was their Black and Blue tour, an awesome concert. I don’t remember much about it except I fell asleep on the way home and I bought a cheap sticker at the souvenir stand.  It was fun, but not the most significant event in my life. I feel like concerts are fun, but they always get way more hype than they deserve. So here is my question: have I missed out on something major in my life? Or are concerts as underrated as they seem?

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