GAC vs. Lovett Football Recap

Leah Robertson, Staff Writer

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The night started young and vibrant as the GAC seniors pumped up at tailgate. As the gates opened and everyone rushed in to get the best seat for the game to start at 7:30. The Lovett Lions stood in their student section prepared for a great win and the GAC Spartans stood in their student section prepared to fight but unsure of the outcome.

With GAC’s star quarterback Davis Mills out for the season with a knee injury the tension and anticipation had everyone on their feet with hearts beating out of their chest. The big question in everyone’s minds was “will Johnathan Rose step up to the plate?”. The stress level for the game was at an all time low and the GAC student section tried to get everyone as pumped for the game as possible. As the game began the cheers from the crows begin to roar over the field with encouraging cheers to the football boys.

As the game started Brooks Buce kicked the game off with a record breaking field goal of 54 yards. The crowd roared as the Spartans scored bringing the Spartans in the lead 3-0. At the end of the 1st quarter the Spartan student section cheered rowdily for their team as the Spartans ended the quarter with still a 3-0 lead. “it started slow” said Bo Davies, senior at GAC, “the teams didn’t give a lot of momentum”.

With the second quarter beginning, the Spartans made their way down the field. With only 1:25 left in the 2nd quarter the Spartans scored a touchdown bringing them up to lead 10-0. The GAC student section roared as the seniors led their student section into cheers and chants! “GAC, GAC, GAC” cried the desperate and vicious Spartans. The Spartans ended the first half of the game with a 10-0 lead. The night was only beginning!

As halftime began the GAC dance teams wowed everyone with their awesome and talented moves. Sweat poured from the student section and the football team as water breaks were taken. The concession stand was filling with people as stomachs growled and energy was taken from all the cheering going on in the stands. As halftime ended the anticipation for the second half grew stronger as the Spartans only had a 10-0 lead.

The second half of the game began, with feet stomping against the bleachers, the band playing “When moms not home” the second quarter was hit off. The Lovett Lions started the quarter with a touchdown bringing their score up 10-6. The Spartan cheers stayed strong even with Lovett’s touchdown, the Spartan Pride continued to show. With the 3rd quarter coming to an end Kyler McMichael, a new junior at GAC, made a 44 yard run and scored a touchdown brining GAC’s lead up to 17-6!! The student section erupted into cheers and the cheerleaders led them into the famous roller coaster.

The last quarter of the night began. With hearts beating and anticipation rising the Spartans still cheered although still uncertain of the outcome of the game. With half of the 4th quarter down the GAC Spartans scored yet another touchdown by new QB 1 Jonathan Rose making the Spartans lead 24-6! With high hopes of the game being won; drawing near to the ending of the game Kyler McMichael came in once again with yet another touchdown making the Final score of the night 31-6!!!

The question in everyone’s minds was answered as Jonathan Rose led his team into victory. The season was off to a great start as GAC football fans saw only the beginning of what the Spartans football team could do. This will definitely be a season to remember and to watch! Great work boys! Fight on you mighty Spartans!

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