Married GAC Teachers

Giana Darby, Staff Writer

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Greater Atlanta Christian school has been fortunate enough to have teachers that genuinely care about the students and environment they are put in. It has become a huge part of their life so much so that some married couples have figured their way into the system. So many of the teachers at GACS are married and are lucky enough to have their spouse working along side them.

Mrs. April Beasley and Mr. Matthew Beasley met when she was eighteen and he was 20. They both teach at GAC, she teaches Spanish and Photography to junior high students, while her husband teaches ESL 1&2, junior bible, and is the sophomore dean of students. Coincidently, job opportunities arose for the both of them at GAC so there was no doubt in their mind that this was the job for them in the environment they wanted to be in. Talking about working with her spouse she says, “I love working with my husband. We collaborate a lot, and really work to make each other better teachers.” But, she also mentions how it can be difficult at times, especially with a child and the fact that they both have to be gone for school events such as Spartan 2gether day or back to school night.

Jennifer and Thom Jacquet are one of the many married teaching couples at GAC. They met through a recruiter from Harding University he set them up. They were in a long distance relationship before being married. Her husband, Coach Jacquet was working at GAC before she did, she moved to Georgia to be with him, and was waiting for a job to open up to be able to work at the same place as him. Happily working as an American History and World Geography teacher, she works alongside her husband who teaches junior high PT and creative writing as well as coaching high school soccer. She also says “It is great (working with her husband) it is easy to reach him…and that it is really wonderful to have all our family in one place”.

One last couple working at GAC is t he Wilson’s, Megan and Derek. They are one of the favorites that work there. They met at GAC and began their relationship as friends and it gradually grew into something more before they started dating and eventually getting married. Mr. Wilson taught Spanish before moving to Texas for a year to get his Bible degree to teach bible at GAC, while Mrs. Wilson starting teaching Algebra 2. “WE LOVE IT!!!”, talking about working with her husband at school. He has had a huge influence on the way she works with teenagers and how she works at school. But they do not see each other often at school. They are one of the most caring and student involve couples at the school.


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