Donating Love with Rolls

Josh Irvin, Staff Writer

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GACS junior Kendall Robinson has become an outstanding leader in her community with her toilet paper drive called LOVE ROLLS. The program got rolling when Kendall attended a week-long Youth Summit last summer at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Kendall helped distribute toilet paper towels to those who came through the Food Bank. Kendall had a life-changing moment in which she thought of a way for her to help those in need. “A man shared with me that he had to ration one roll of toilet paper for an entire month due to the expense and scarcity of the essential item.” She said. She said his story resonated with her in many ways and inspired her to bring attention to assisting the homeless and those in need to get essential items.

LOVE ROLLS paper rolls are donated to social service agencies that are registered and work along with the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Along with donating rolls to the food bank, Kendall and her team donate rolls directly to the homeless at parks and mission locations. In August, LOVE ROLLS had the opportunity to partner with Cricket Wireless to deliver LOVE ROLLS to the flood victims of Baton Rouge, La. This was a major success for LOVE ROLLS and also a success for the entire community helping those in need.

Kendall put the credit for her inspiration on her mother who has been her greatest supporter throughout her journey in starting this charity work she answered her mother. “My mom has been my biggest supporter and has assisted me with organizing logistics, as well as ensuring the legal ramifications are addressed.”

To create an efficient and smooth process, Kendall and her team plan a distribution day, in which they confirm the number of rolls needed based off of the information provided from their partnering agencies, the Atlanta Community Food Banks and general volunteers. Kendall said that this experience has definitely changed her life for the better.

Originally, LOVE ROLLS started out as a weeklong toilet paper drive and now it has blown up into a well-established non-profit charity. “It gives me a little more faith in the world, because I love the fact that we can come together for a common cause and change the lives of thousands of homeless people Kendall said. I also have become more grateful for things that I have, and I will always try to give back whenever I can.”

This year, LOVE ROLLS is fortunate enough to be one of the community service projects included at Gwinnett Great Days of Service. As well as being included at the Gwinnett Great Days of Service, Chick-Fil-A Corporation and their Annual Staff Summit selected LOVE ROLLS as their annual charity to help fund as an outreach. There are a few ways in which students can help LOVE ROLLS donate to the community. LR collects physical toilet paper and monetary donations to help with their cause. Students can contact LOVE ROLLS directly to have Kendall and her team come to their school, church or any other organization and start a drive for the cause.

Kendall also encourages volunteering at LOVE ROLLS Delivery Days. For more information about LOVE ROLLS students can visit at their official website. Also, you can follow them on their social media sites such as Twitter (@LOVEROLLSINC), Instagram (LoveRollsInc), and Facebook (Love Rolls Inc).

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