College Applications Show Real Life Comes Quickly

Giana Darby, Staff Writer

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Being a Senior in High school, I have finally begun to realize the struggles of applying to college are all too real. I never thought I would be so stressed applying to college or worried about if I would get into my dream school or not. I am pretty sure everyday I hear one of my friends complain about how much stress they are under trying to apply to all of these schools and about how nervous they are to receive to the acceptance or denial letter. Every school admissions office holds the key to out futures, and we have to wait and see if they are going to open the door or shut it in out faces.

This is something that is talked about countless amounts of times during the day in the senior class. We all want to be accepted where we want to go, we all want to figure out what is the best option for us. We all also want to figure out what will be the easiest way to pay so we do not become a strain on out parents, no matter how many times they tell us it is okay, or that we do not need to worry.

Everyone I know is stressed about this, the only saving grace is once we have finished an application and are able to turn it in. But, then after that comes the stress of waiting for out transcripts, test scores, and teacher recommendations to be turned it. On top of that stress then waiting for the acceptance button to be pressed to know how our future is going to turn out.

I honestly think we all stress way too much about college and college applications. The majority of us are beyond eligible to go to college and we are all going to strive no matter where we go or what we do. But, we feel extra pressure to compete with those around us, not realizing that we all have different grades and GPA’s, so one persons acceptance to a school should not be how we base our intelligence or out own likelihood of getting into a good school where we will strive and enjoy ourselves.

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College Applications Show Real Life Comes Quickly