Craig Oliver asking Jada Jones to prom.

Craig Oliver asking Jada Jones to prom.

Craig Oliver Jr., Staff Writter

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Lights, Camera, Action! GACS 2018 prom is fastly approaching right around the corner. This years prom will be held at the J.W. Marriott off of Lenox Rd. on April 27th from 6:15 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. Prom is considered a monumental moment in a high schoolers career as a student. It’s a night where friends can dress up nicely and go out and have a great time. Prom consists of daily juniors and seniors with the exception of lowerclassman who may have been asked to the dance by an upperclassman. In recent years, promposals have become prevalent.

A promposal is very similar to a proposal, instead of asking someone to marry you, you’re just asking if they would want to go to prom with you. Some people take their promposals very seriously from renting planes to fly over with a sign saying prom to spelling their names out with sticky notes and even writing prom on their dog. Sometimes the more creative the better. A regular promposal consist of a poster and flowers or your dates favorite candy. A slogan that would somehow relate to your date would be placed on the board along with asking them to prom. Heres a sneakpeak of promposals that have occurred so far across campus.

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