Opinion: New ‘Idol’ Courts Controversy With Star Judges

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Opinion: New ‘Idol’ Courts Controversy With Star Judges

Zachary Jelks, Staff writer

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“American Idol,” the show we know and love, ended its FOX broadcast run in 2016. They had a huge finale in the last episode closing it off as if this would be the last time the show would air on television.

Fast-forward to the beginning of 2018: The producers of “American Idol” decided to resurrect the show, this time on ABC.  This sparked many questions such as why would they do this? Viewers of talent shows like Idol speculate that it was brought back due how well the other shows such as the “X Factor,” “The Voice,” and “The Four” were doing.

Things have changed around the “American Idol” studio this go ’round. Zero of the original judges are on the show and their spots have been filled by Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Moving on to the first episode of the show, the audience sees the good, the bad, and the awful singers. During the first episode, Katy Perry actually kisses and contestant who has never been kissed before and the video has gone viral all over social media. In another audition, Katy Perry is found flirting with a contestant who has a girlfriend. The couple ended up making an appearance on the news show “Good Morning America” to talk about their experience on the show.

In the first episode there were some standout singers who are definitely stiff competition for the other contestants. The bad thing about “American Idol” is that the best singer does not always win because the audience votes. People all over the world choose their favorite person, even if they aren’t the most talented. This could be the reason the winners of the show sometimes are not as successful as the runner up or even third place contestants.

This is why I like “The Four” better than any other show. The judges of that show, P Diddy and DJ Khaled, are experienced in the music industry and they essentially pick the winner. They are honest because they work with the winner and help them produce music; they also know what the public will be attracted to.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt “American Idol” will do as well as they would hope to due to the other shows that are also in season right now such as “The Voice.” “American Idol” is outdated and too old-fashioned to compete. It might even be considered boring in comparison to its competition.

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