Zachary Jelks, Staff Writter

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Coachella is a festival that most people in the world long to attend. This is because the most popular celebrities perform there for an entire week. This is a very big event. Some of the artists performing this Coachella include Beyoncé, Cardi B, and Eminem. Festival attenders have a list of who will perform each day so they can choose to go to the event location or skip that day and wait for the person they want to see to perform on another day. This year Beyoncé stole the show. If you can remember Beyoncé was pregnant last year during the time of Coachella so she was unable to perform so this year she went all out. Her performance entailed feminist viewpoints and throwback songs. Her performance was full of surprises, for example she brought out her old singing group called destiny’s child. Her performance had a high school stadium feel with a whole band. She got these band members from historically black universities. The band learned many of her songs for these performances including songs from her old and new albums. At the beginning of her performance she ascended to the top of the stage and stood. The fans screamed and praised her as she stood for about thirty seconds. A little background information behind this incredible performance is that members of the show performing could not tell anything about the performance to anyone. They had to sign a slip that they would not. Another fun fact is that her rehearsals amounted to about eleven hours per day and in her performance, it was evident. Coachella as a whole gives smaller artist a chance to be known. Festival attenders might be waiting for a big artist to perform and one of the smaller artist perform and gain a bigger fan base. Coachella could be the gateway to san artists rise to the scene or down fall. Their performance is very important. The Weeknd performed a very emotional set and there were rumors saying that he is depressed because Selena Gomez dumped him. Overall this is one of the greatest music festivals one can attend because there are so many different sounds to hear and people to meet. Attending Coachella should definitely be on your bucket list.

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