The Drum Line: Part of the Band, but Beats To Own Drum

Nick Syiek, Staff Writer

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What makes Friday night-lights so exciting and interesting? It is not the excitement of the game, but the buildup of the pre game. Those moments on campus where you can practically feel the thundering crescendo approaching from the fine arts building as “the line” approaches the stadium.

“If the drumline, or marching band weren’t here, I don’t think the school football games would be anywhere near as exciting as they are right now, ” says bible teacher Mrs. Jessica Terry.

She says that she grew up in a public high school where drumline had always been a big thing to all the students, and had always excited people.

A former  drumline member, Chris Dore says that: “The pep rallys were so much fun. When we would march out into the quad and be met by a bunch of fellow students dancing and listening along to our music and beats was always really encouraging and exciting.”

Tons of teachers, parents and students look forward to the drumline’s performance in the quad on home game mornings.

The drumline’s leader, Keegan Musser (Junior), has been on drumline since 8th grade. Taking lessons from Jay Webler for many years, Keegan is a very skilled percussionist. Normally for students joining the drumline normally start out for one year as a “pit member” or the stationary percussionists jamming up at the front of the field. However, Keegan was already skilled enough to go straight out into the field as a bass drum player. A few years later, he’s not only a lead figure on the line, but in the school band as well.

Mr. Turner, the assistant band director, works a lot with the drumline. Lined against the back of the fine arts building, Mr. Turner and the line work in depth on their performance. The drumline plays a key role for the entire band, setting the tempo as well as the beats that make the show so exciting to watch. The drumline, as well as the entire band have a big job to continue working towards this season, supporting the football team, as well as exciting the crowd. The band itself looks forward to a successful year and hopes to score well in their band competition at the end of the season.

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The Drum Line: Part of the Band, but Beats To Own Drum