Are Georgia Sports Teams Cursed?

Michael Perez, staff writer

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Ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers won their championship back in 2016, lifting their sports curse, there was a new city that would have to take their place. Sadly, for citizens of Atlanta it was them. Having not won a championship in football or basketball since 1980 there hasn’t been a lot to celebrate in Atlanta. There was of course the World Series win in 1995, but now with baseball not being as popular as it once was, that title means almost nothing to die hard sport fans in Atlanta. There have been many close calls with the Falcons losing in the Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos in 1999 and reaching the conference championship in 2012. UGA also has had their fair share of let downs, most memorably their loss to Alabama in 2012 on the five-yard line. But over the past two years, fans finally had hope.

Last year the Falcons seemed all to ready to end the curse as they found themselves up 28-3 in the 3rd quarter vs the superpower that is the Patriots. In classic Atlanta fashion the Falcons blew the game, which brought about the talks of the curse. There was another glimmer of hope this year as the UGA Bulldogs went to the college football playoff and won a tight game in the Rose Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners. With this win there was hope for Georgia like there had never been before.

UGA found themselves in a rematch of the 2012 championship game vs Alabama with all the confidence in the world that they were going to end the curse. The game was being dominated at half time by UGA and it looked like Georgia sports fans pain was finally going away, but then there was a spark that will never be forgotten. Nick Saban put in the backup quarterback in a desperate attempt to save the game. UGA blew the lead and were tied 20-20 with the Crimson tide in the final seconds. It looked like Bama was going to put it away with an easy field goal to win the game.

It felt like God was on UGA’s side as the kick went wide left and the game was going into overtime. The Dawgs were winning and had Bama in a second and long and in perfect Atlanta fashion a blown coverage ended the game and Bama raised the title once again, smashing the hopes and dreams of all Georgia sport fans.

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