Marching Band Goes Hollywood

Band performs at Disneyland and Christmas Parade

The Marching Band Does Disney

The Marching Band Does Disney

Julio Portugal, Staff Writer

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The Marching Band Does Disney

This past November, the Marching Spartans and I had the opportunity to visit the streets of Hollywood and perform on the red carpet where many stars have set foot on. This was a new and great experience for the rookies in the band and for the seniors, a memorable one. They visited many famous sites such as the Santa Monica Pier, the Egyptian theater, the Chinese theater, and the Hollywood walk of fame. They also got to watch the award-winning Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and some also had the chance to meet Childish Gambino after the concert. We also had the opportunity to participate in a parade inside Disneyland Park. The Marching Spartans have practiced so much and so hard in all types of weather just to march in front of millions of people. The Marching Spartans Drumline also had a little downtime before the parade started by having a drum-battle with the Milton High School Drumline in the streets on Hollywood. Afterwards, the Marching Spartans marched a total of 3.2 miles in the Hollywood Parade and will be shown on television on The CW Friday, December 16. What a great accomplishment for the Marching Spartans!

“It was an awesome trip and a great opportunity for the band! We got to see so many things, and perform in interesting places.” Said Mrs. Williams. “I feel that the parade was an intense performance – it was cold and we were rushed around, but I loved that we got to hang out with the band from Milton High School and have our drumlines play, and play music back and forth. I love how excited you guys were to do the parade, and how happy everyone was at the end to be finished and get out of the cold!”

The Marching Spartans have marched all around the world from Hollywood to London, and in other football halftime shows such as the outback bowl in Tampa, Florida. Mrs. Williams says, “I am currently working on plans for our next trip! I think it gives the students a great opportunity to see the world and share our musical gifts with others!” Lets just see where the Marching Spartans will preform next.

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