Making Money for Teens

Christopher Sharp, Sports editor

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Business: A person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade. Many students take on the challenge of going to school and also working for a business. But for eighth grader Jordan Williams, he not only goes to school, but he owns a business as well. Jordan and former GAC student Brandon Iverson created their own business this past summer. The two entrepreneurs created Making Money for Teens, a business that helps teens make and manage their money.

Most teens don’t have time to work a job or they aren’t in a great financial situation. To solve this issue, Jordan and Brandon and have made CDs that help teach teens how to make money by investing in the stock money or working around the neighborhood. The two also travel to schools and youth groups to help teens become more financially educated. Making Money for Teensalso prepares teens to have a better financial situation in the future. The profit for Making Money for Teenscomes from these speaking engagements and sold CDs.

A by-product of creating a business is more publicity. During their first year in business, Jordan and Brandon have appeared on a PBS program called Biz Kids, Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta, and the Everything Atlanta Radio Show. Though they are only in the eighth grade, Jordan and Brandon have already put their business on television and radio. Other businesses can only dream of being able to talk about their company on major networks.

The next step for Making Money for Teens is advertising. Jordan and Brandon want to expand their brand even more. The entrepreneurs are hosting online meetings, or webinars, so that they can meet with several different groups. They also plan to write a book that is going to be released sometime this year.

Many kids wonder what job they will have when they grow up. For Jordan and Brando, they have already created a business, and they have not even reached high school yet. Making Money for Teensappears to have a bright future, and this business seems like a perfect way to help teens get through this rough economic time. Hopefully this business will not only make money for Jordan and Brandon, but for other teens as well.

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