Music Midtown: Atmosphere Review

Hunter McKernan, Entertainment Editior

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ATLANTA – Music Midtown was a day that I along with thousands of other people will never forget. The impeccable combination of music, Piedmont Park being at peak condition, and the great weather made this year’s Music Midtown one of the best ever.

The venue for Music Midtown is the greatest pearl of urban green space in all of Atlanta, Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park was created in 1895 and has been used as a driving club, baseball field, football field, and now in present times, a public park. The park is incredibly designed, bordered by midtown and Virginia highland neighborhoods on each side, but seemingly fenced by a beautiful skyline, the park represents Atlanta with every feature it showcases.

In previous years, the weather has played a massive role in the attendance for Music Midtown. Last year, the constant downpour of rain kept the amount of people to a minimum. Still enough to pack out the entire main field for the Red Hot Chili Peppers set at the end of the night, but not nearly as much as the 2014 attendees. With a diverse group of artists playing comes a diverse group of people listening. The audiences differed from young teenagers dancing to Aer, to a group of middle aged adults (and myself) jamming out to Greg Allman.

However with size comes difficulty. The only way to stay with the original group you came with would be to handcuff each other together, and if you lose them or see something different then them, better hope you said goodbye because you won’t find them again. Cell phone service was about as good as it is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and the overwhelming crowd prevented any spotting of your friends. Depending on the concert you were at, the crowd could also be moshing. If you don’t know what moshing is, Youtube a video for enlightenment.

Another con to the venue was the amount of trash that was in the park at the end of the day. Quoting myself in a tweet I sent out at the festival, “God Bless the Piedmont Park clean up crew.” Every step I took past 4:00 landed on some sort of bottle or can. Piedmont park at the end of the day was pretty much a landfill with a few stages in it, and the park lost a lot of its natural beauty due to the littering that occurred.

So even through the immense people, the lack of cell service, trash, and occasional aggressive physical contact from a stranger, Music Midtown 2014 was a success. The bands were great, the sun was out, and Atlanta has never looked so good.

Music Midtown 2014 drew in over 100,000 people to Piedmont Park.

Music Midtown 2014 drew in over 100,000 people to Piedmont Park.

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Music Midtown: Atmosphere Review